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an oakland police sergeant who became embroiled in the investigation of the chauncey bailey murder. >>> the obama administration today confirmed it is with holding $800 million in military aid to pakistan one of its key allies in the war on terrorism. right now chief of staff bill daily called the suspension of aid appalled. the move comes after pakistan expelled american military trainers in response to the military commando raid which killed osama bin laden. the $800 million figure is a little more than a third of the more than $2 billion the u.s. gives to pakistan in security aid each year. >>> in spain today at least 10 people were hurt after running with the bulls. it happened just about every year and the pictures are dramatic. some of the runners fell and were trampled during the event. they were taken to near by hospitals for treatment. the bull run is held every year, weekend runs can be the most dangerous because the streets are most crowded during those days. >>> in other news of the world, in russia hope is fading of finding more survivors after a tourist boat sank. 10
of work. that includes all of the workers at 25 borders stores in our area. john joins us from bailey's crossroads with that. john? >> reporter: good evening. many shoppers tonight were surprised by the announcement that came around 4:00 this afternoon. part of the reason they're going out of business is because of new technology. not only buy books online but read them on a kindle or this ipad. all tough do is download the book, click on it here in the library and then start flipping through the pages. many shoppers say this electronic version is nothing like reading a good old-fashioned book. >> pretty upset. they've always been really good with deals. >> reporter: when rebecca heard the news that borders is closing for good, she rushed over to the store in bailey's crossroads for last-minute deals. she says for book lovers, this is more than just a store. >> for me, it means i can wander in and pick something out. shopping online, you don't know what you want and if you don't know what you want it's hard to find. >> reporter: borders is hoping someone to come along and buy the 40-y
bailey has been forbidden to talk publicly about the investigation. today for the first time you will hear handmire explain his role. >> reporter: none of oakland police sergeant darwin longmire has received more attention than the chauncey bailey investigation. until now, the police department had forbidden him from talking about the investigation. longmire sat with us. >> the abandonment by the police department and those who look after those who work under the division. >> reporter: one of the questions we asked was about the decision to allow confessed chauncey bailey killer broussard to talk alone and unrecorded with convicted murder master mind yusuf bey iv. >> was it the right thing to do or wrong thing to do. >> it was the right thing to do and it hurt a lot of critic experts that i had blown the case. that was a tactic that i had used in different occasions. that got the ball rolling to turn state's evidence and testify against mackey and bey. >> there were also allegations that longmire had failed to note gps and conversations. but longmire says those were initiated bef
therapist, rebecca bailey, who specializes in family reunification, that memory, jaycee's memory, of her mother, may have been the life raft thaha helped her survive. >> what saved her was a early on relationship with her mother that allowed her to go into something with a strong sense of sese. >> reporter: the therapist says just as there is posttraumatic stress, there can be posttraumatic growth. in those years, jaycee had trauma enough for many lifetimes. at 13, she was pregnant. and twice would give birth, no medical care, in the squalored backyard. even though she was still a child, she knew those babies, >> i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. had somebody that was mine. i wasn't alone. have a second person to love and to love me. and maybe another little piece of my mom to hang on to. >> reporter: after six years being locked inside, away from sun, away from the sky, her captors increasingly confident unbolted a door and allowed her to walk out into the yard. you planted little flowers. >> yeah. i like to garden. >> reporter: my colleague, abc's chris cuomo, also spoke to rebecca b
people fired. police are calling ate drive-by shooting. here again the ground near where bailey stood is covered with yellow chalk circles. they record where evidence is found. we talked to bill lie's realtives that say bailey was in a car when he was killed. no suspect here either. just before 11:30 last night. police say they found two people shot inside of a car at first and mcdonald. police have identified a man that died there as 26-year-old darrell dunkin. the other man has not been idnd. >> we have not had indication what was the reason leading up to this. >> reporter: at 10:40 last night two other people were shot in north richmond. the contra costa county sheriffs office is investigating this case. the sheriffs office has identified the homicide victim here as ray anthony hudson junior. the other man is recovering in the hospital. deputies found both men in front of a residence in that street. reporting live from richmond kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a mother accused of doing the unthinkable. the trial hit a critical mark today. the latest just ahead. >> many people w
is here from falls road animal hospital to answer your pet questions. she has bailey, who is such a sweetheart. how old is bailey? >> just 10 weeks old, and he has a lot of growing to do. >> he is cute. he has a lot of hair, which is probably tough in the heat. >> yes, they have to be very careful. >> we have a couple of heat- related questions. can giving my daughter ice water after being in the because bloat or death? >> for any dog, you want to make sure they're not gulping a big gunch of it. the best thing to do is to make sure water is available all the time. they could make themselves sick. >> can you talk about heat- related injuries in pets? aside from that, ways to combat them. >> that is an excellent question for this time of year. you really want to be careful. a lot of the things you're talking about, as far as staying in the shade, aiming towards early morning and late night to get outside for exercise. but not when is this a lot better for the next couple of days, i would stay in the air conditioning. >> and keep them hydrated. >> lots of water, and please do
officer michael bailey gone down in the front of his home suspect 24 year old antwan carter charged late today with first degree murder and attempted armed robbery, in prison since september of last year on an unrelated charge, officials got a break after antwan carter reportedly started talking about killing officer michael bailey investigators also discovered handwritten letters implicated himself in the murder. >> mayor emmanuel and big labor did not see eye to eye on cost- cutting but at least they are talking. today city hall unions answered his call for concessions with the 2 kutcher $42 billion cost-cutting proposal that want to trim middle management and clout heavy private contractors work rule changes the mayor says he needs to avert 625 layoffs. for$242 million cost-cutting proposal >> need to have a more efficient way it >> no part of the budget any part of the budget to work reform and everything in between the boundaries is not off limits is on the limits >> reviewing labor's report when you get the cement masons has to agree to accept time at half pay for overtime work
allegiance to sarah palin. it is written by frank bailey who worked with her in alaska. i spoke with him a few days ago. >> bill: what is the headline of your book? what do you want people to take away from it? sphwhrit. >> the colonel of the alaska state troopers has this book on his shelf as an example of what happens when we lose our way. i lost my way and tell my story in this book and bare my soul and so did my boss. >> bill: i didn't see anything that bad. i don't any. tell me how the governor lost her way. >> the person that we saw in 2005, that person who would fight for alaska, bill, who would stand up for ethics in alaska, stand for honesty, and be a competent leader, we lost that to the lime light, to the how to you say it to the power and the fame of being constantly followed by the media. she craved that and being governor became second fiddle. >> bill: that might be -- >> folks here in alaska realized it. >> bill: and maybe that is why reresigned. i can't give my full attention to the governor's job because i have a national platform now. maybe that was a good thing. i'm no
for the billy clanton and mcclowery brothers funeral procession. the tombstone leaders and lynn bailey leans forward on this, wonderful thing about historians like lynn is they don't think it is wrong to have a different opinion looking at the same set of fact. the open mindedness that encourages discussion rather than argument. i have learned so much from him. we all have. what i thought our was talking about -- it has been a long day. the town fathers did not consider the earps there =. they were useful. they were tools that could do certain functional things and after the gunfight and public opinion began to sway, sometimes looking like it was going against the earps the town leaders think we have a bunch of voters here who may not like the way this turned out and are not supporting the earps as much. the earps were disposable like disposable razors and they came to resent that when they realized it. >> i want to quote this out of your book. you said wyatt realized he was limited to uncomfortable memories of a minor functionary who ultimately overstepped himself in a particularly violent
member of the budget committee as well as senator corker, senator wicker, and senator kay bailey hutchison. while libya is an important issue, right before us is the fiscal crisis that we need to address right now prevents winds we are back and why we are not on recess. that is why we are back. we are going to get our fiscal house in order in washington. a non- brought forward binding resolution. we are here to work on real legislation that will address this fiscal crisis. republicans have proposed a balanced budget amendment. senator corker has proposed a cap act to cut spending. we should be bringing a real budget resolution to the floor. unfortunately, this latest non- binding issue in the senate is a political stunt on behalf of the majority leader. we are done with that. we need real leadership, meaning we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get together to put forth legislation that will reduce spending, to bring us to a balanced budget, so that all of us make sure we are pleading for the next generation a better country and preserving the greatest country in the world. th
officer officer michael bailey held without bail and cook county court today now awaiting trial. >> it has been a year and i am overwhelmed getting my family closure. >> officer michael bailey just home from guarding the bad mayor daley house last july when shot in front of his old south side home in the park manor neighborhood, 62 years old and weeks from retirement had been washing his new vehicle when the suspect allegedly tried to carjack can at gunpoint. antwon carter 3 previous felony convictions aggravated battery to another police officer in 2009 three years behind bars already back out on the street last summer on parole after serving only a portion of the sentence. >> it is frustrating those are the laws in regards to people on parole >> last week chicago police marked the one-year anniversary of officer michael bailey death with a special memorial, now 24 year old daughter herself working to become a police officer with the personnel committee or it in bulk >> try to help break the code of silence that is what happened in my father's case >> house now boarded up
you updated here shortly. south bay north 101 at bailey a trouble spot in the right lane. jackknifed big rig getting cleared out of the road. >> thank you. >>> what is next for casey anthony? the text message sent to her parents. plus a new twist for "news of the world." why the former ceo has now been arrested in the phone hacking scandal. >>> and it was more like karma heaven in southern california. the surprise for the 405 freeway and the bridge closure that we can expect here in the bay area. ,,,, [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- t
to the le family. >>> an exhibit at the museum includes the story of chauncey bailey. he was in the course of writing a story about trouble at a local bakery when he was gunned down. >>> a new photo of jaycee dugard. we will break down southern california's royal visit coming up. and still to come. the tiny tool that is helping patients that suffer a painful disease, giving them new hope and blue skies and sunshine in store for today, another hot one in the inland locations but a cooling friend in store. i'll tell you when to expect the cool down coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of cambridge wil we are counting down to california's royal visit. the duke and duchess in cambridge, they will be in the way area for a week. >> she lives next door to the home where the royal couple will be staying. >> it's exciting. i never thought i would be next door to a royal family. >> i love the royal family. >> fans of the couple are already dreaming of a royal sighting. >> we are hoping to see what she is wearing. >> fresh off the trip, the royals will be working while in l-a. they will promote british trade
on the block is 19 year-old rashad bailey, and the victim in the first homicide id's donald duncan 26 years old. >> your surprise because it recently was very peaceful in richmond. >> right we have not seen this level of pilots with the homicides in one night with the additional shooting for quite some time. >> is it hard to get witnesses to come forward, do you expect them to give you everything that they know or sometimes it can be very hard? >> it can be, anyone that was in the real work and try to get any information that we can, we have had a really good relationship with our community enrichment. i think the relationships that we are building helped to, help us to get some of that information in times like this one really needed. >> thank you so much that is muchbisa french with the--that is lt. bisa french with the police department this to the police by surprise, that is why this is still a developing story she continues to walk in and out of the police department hopefully more information will, for now we will send back to you. >> the time is 6:13 a.m. and will be back with more
brianna keilar is standing by. right now, i want to bring in senator kay bailey hutchison, republican from texas. thank you for joining us. you heard what senator harry reid had to say. earlier today the majority leader mitch mcconnell read a letter signed by 43 republicans including you pledging to oppose reid's bill. has anything changed your mind in the hours leading up to the vote on it and listening to him moments ago? >> not at all. think the reason he pulled that down is that there are 43 committed against his proposal. however, i think what he's saying is that he hopes that we can start having a vote on something that is an agreement between both the white house and congress, both sides of the rotunda, and he wants to not have a repudiation of his proposal and instead go on to one that might have a chance to pass. >> okay. okay. let's talk about this. today "the new york times," senator, put you on a list of republicans most likely to approve a compromise bill. you have been vocal about the need to compromise. here's what you said on the senate floor on thursday. >> the senate majo
addresses himself. the thrill of the chase. lynn bailey. he knows more about the history of this area that glenn bailey? of his work is so much tests. kevin and then, owners of one of the greatest collections of western memorabilia in this country. they share it and selfishly with anyone who asks. there are people who are here tonight in our hearts, our books. gary roberts. i am writing this book. i met him. he makes a thank you, jesus, discovery. an original newspaper article showing that after wyatt earp was arrested for a horse that he did not walk away on bail, as we thought but he broke out of jail and was technically a felon for the rest of his life. kerry called me up one day and seven of your writing this book, and that think this is interesting. let me send you the article. use it in your book. think about that kind of generosity. paul cool, and mark sporkin, and collier who when i met her being such a shy, timid and lady her first remarks, if we're doing all the work why you write the book. [laughter] [laughter] and you think you ask tough questions. paul hutton. a great lad
in the clean-up spot willingham scores a's extend the lead 5-3. bailey strikes out the first two he faces, then gets kendrick to fly out to right. bailey earns his ninth save a's win 9-3. >> reporter: well the a's had just one goal coming into tonight's game that was to start off the second half of the season with a "w," and they did just that, sparking their offense against the division rival angels in the win column. >> pitched great, you know a little bit in the fifth got out of sorts with his command, but shoot, it was more of a pitch count thing than anything. >> it was great to get back in here and celebrate, turn the music up relax, something we need to do a lot more of in the second half but we have to piece it together day-by-day. >> reporter: it's brandon mccarthy that gets the "w," but they had to use six relievers, not what a manager wants to do on the eve of a double header. >> and as kate said the athletics, a rare scheduled doubleheader on saturday the last time they did that, 1995. doubleheader celebrates the '80s promotion this weekend. mc hammer bo
should do. >> susie: and, the plight of george bailey symbolizes what many small banks are going through. why it may not be "a wonderful life" for real small bankers. it's "nightly business report" for wednesday, july 20. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: good evening everyone. it was a day of watching and wondering on wall street. watching for progress in washington on debt talks. and, tom, wondering what would happen to financial markets if there's no deal by president obama's friday deadline. >> tom: susie, so far the u.s. stock market has been fairly resilient, supported by a steady stream of strong corporate earnings. after yesterday's huge rally, the dow dropped only 15 points today. the nasdaq lost 12 and the s&p 500 slipped almost a point. >> susie: still, many experts say investors should brace for a wild ride if lawmakers are unable to reach a deal and the u.s. defaults o
one a day women's. chicago police officer michael bailey good afternoon i am robert jordan in for steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... >>24 year-old antwon carter is charged with first-degree murder. he is accused of shooting and killing officer michael bailey during an attempted robbery outside of his south side home in july of last year veteran officer had just finished his shift guarding the home of former mayor richard daley officer billy was 62 years old and just about a month from retirement antwon carter was on parole at the time of his murder he was arrested two months later on unrelated carjacking and weapons charges he has been in prison since then for violating his parole >>investigators were at the graveside of a seven year-old murder victim to day as her body was exhumed more than 50 years after she was buried authorities have not said what new evidence they hope to uncover from the body of maria ridolph her casket was removed from a cemetery and sycamore this morn
on the shooting. we also talk about the center shooting, his name is rashad bailey he was 19 years old. the third fatality happen on a west ruby. we do not have his name at this time because the rich in police department are not technically investigating that shooting since it was in an incorporated contra costa county. so it is being taken care of by-your department. there is also a fourth victim they believe the fourth victim is crying for his life--is fighting for his life. they thought he was a fatality but he is clinging to life. as far as the shootings are concerned, they do not know if they are somehow connected they have to still talk with the investigators. i did get a chance to talk with lt. bisa french and spokeswoman for the richmond police department here is what she had to say about the shootings. >> nothing that we have at this point indicates that there are any kind of arguments leading up to the shootings. >> are they connected in any way? >> we are looking into that, obviously we have to look and do a lot more investigation to determine if that is truly a fact. >> at this po
, the other side of the debt debate. we'll ask senator kay bailey hutchison what she thinks. as you heard from senator mccaskill how the senate has been essentially shut out of the negotiations. >>> still to come, just when you think you're out, they pull you back in. donald trump making a return engagement in the summer of speculation. we're speechless, although we never should be surprised by the donald. >>> but, first, a look ahead of the president's schedule. it's a town hall today in maryland. be interesting to see how much he talks and starts selling some components of this deal that supposedly is in the works with speaker boehner. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. now?! [ female announcer ] crest whitestrips two hour express. in just two hours you can have a noticeably whiter smile that lasts for months. hi. hi. [ female announcer ] two hour whitestrips from crest. life opens up when you do. right? get out. i know! who knew? i mean. exactly! really. that's what i mean. [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? seriously. who knew? hello sir. bingo! mahjong! for realz. woop-w
bailey in to close the game. fields, the eldest grounder to throw -- josh hamilton, can't make a mistake against him. a walkoff two-run homer to right field, game over, hamilton's second career walkoff home run. rangers win 7-6. finally, rays at yankees, derek jeter gets his 3,000th hit and it's a big one. a home run off david price. he becomes the first yankee to reach the 3,000 hit milestone. he went 5 for 5, and knocked in the winning run, yankees win 5-4. it's very difficult not to like a guy like derek jeter. diane? >> thanks, henry. >>> let's check in with rob mayeda on the weather. what is going on, that's what i have to say. >> big time cooldown going on around san francisco. southwest winds at 18 miles an hour, the low clouds moving over the tops of the buildings, 50s around oakland and san jose. all locations like we've been seeing this morning, misty skies. 50s across the board. good strong sea breeze reaching the valleys. good news for your air quality sunday. that's going to be grade for your outdoor plans. in terms of rain or heavier rain, i should say, that's down in the d
-2, oakland. bottom of the ninth, runner on third, andrew bailey came in and closed out the game. a's win, 4-3 is your final. by the way, giants and brewers, game three of their series tomorrow. a battle of first place teams. every time i see brian wilson's beard, i think of garvin. you'd look great with that beard. >> i highly doubt that. thank you very much. >>> skiing in summer? the ski season is still going on in the sierra. open today for skiers and snowboarders, the resort opened one run park, this is video from early in the week as they got the slopes ready for the visitors. amazingly, the latest date for operation, mammoth was open august 13th in 1995. that's amazing. >> looks fun. >> that looks like fun but i'm ready to go to the beach this time of year. >> that's true. for me i would need a lot more snow given the way i ski. i would be falling into some of those rocks on the side of the run there. >> rob, thank you very much. thank you for joining us at 11:00. "saturday night live" is up next. good night. swipe your card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... y
bailey. runner on third, robinson cano grounds out to win the game. the green and gold gets the win 4-3 is your final. that's it for now, i'll be back here at 6:00 for a look at a very special baseball team that has overcome some amazing odds. garvin, it's a great story, believe me you don't want to miss this. >>> next at 5:00, a zoo where it's okay to feed the animals, at least for today. >>> they took down the don't feed the animal signs at the oakland zoo today, at least for a short time. today they had their annual feed the beast event at the zoo. visitors were encouraged to donate fresh produce to help feed the animals. it's the zoo's biannual feast for the beast event. the first 250 guests at the door received a ticket. the visitors spread produce throughout the exhibit and then watched as the huge animals devoured their meals. it's pretty exciting. >> it's like an easter egg hunt for them. >> they let him in, then they got him out. >> that's the way to do it. >> thanks for watching nbc news at 5:00. "nightly news" is next. we have more local news for you at 6:00. >>> right now
. >>> in a programming group of civil engineers bailey gives the bay area a passing grade in terms of keeping its infrastructure puppy. they would do things such as transit, parks, and water supplies. bay area agencies could increase spending by almost $3 billion a year to keep pace with growth and to keep the existing infrastructure and working order. >>> has republicans have voted on their plan to add the debt crisis. it would temporarily raise the debt ceiling and caucus for a balanced budget amendment but it was so cut it was a trillion dollars in spending over the next 10 years free democrats say those cuts would hurt many americans. >> republicans allon have used that is used deficit reductions as an excuse for the mouthing of the pack is made for the middle-class. >> let's pass this bill and end this. >> later today speaker weiner proposed a vote. >>> the dow industrial dropped 45th straight session with concerns about the gridlock. the dow identity the point in the nasdaq cut up and ammunition manage a one-point game. >>> for the latest, bookmark there you'll find the latest. >
-2. matsui with a solo home run to right center, his eighth of the season. 4-2 oakland, andrew bailey would have to come in for the save. two outs, run on third, robinson cano, i don't think so. that's the final unite of the game. a's win 4-3. twins and tigers. bottom of the second, twins up 1-0, danny valencia, the solo shot. this is a big one as well. to left. and second deck shot to make it 2-0 twins. bottom of the fourth, more twins offense. young with the double to deep right center. two runs will come in. minnesota tops the tigers, 4-1 is your final. how about the padres taking on the phillies who have the best record in baseball? bottom of the first, two on for chase utley, go and chase this shot. opposite field blast, 3-0 phillies, padres down 3-2 in the sixth inning, chase hedley ties it. man, there were a lot of home runs today. we are tied at 3. to the 7th inning, all phillies after that, chase utley. second homer of the day giving the phillies and 8-4 lead, they go on to win 8-6 is your final. >>> one more game for you, braves and reds from cincinnati, sixth inning, reds down 2-
. some of that old magic. it went all the way into extras. 10th inning, bailey on the mound, inning-ending double play, there's one, and -- it goes past 1st base! mariners win. final of 4-2. again, the as have lost 9-13. >>> how big is yanks' jeeter's run towards 3,000 hits? hbo is making a documentary about it. he began his charge again tonight, down five, singled in his first at-bat for hit number 2995. 2nd inning, a two-run double for captain jeeter, hit number 2996. he's two away after knowing 2- for-6 tonight. sabathia now 12-4 for the year. >>> that is roger clemens in washington, d.c. for his perjury trial, which begins tomorrow. clemens under oath denied that he was injected with performance-enhancing drugs three years ago. the accusation is that he lied. testimony came from his former trainer. his defense team is there to rip his testimony to shreds. >>> golf's major will roll on without tiger woods. woods announced that he will not play in the british open next week. he's going to miss his second straight major. he had the injuries to his legs. he has not played since the
to be a good father. >> two other shootings followed in rapid succession. 19-year-old rashad bailey shot dead, 27 minutes later, daryl duncan. >> we haven't seen that type of violence in quite some time here. >> homicides have dropped dramatically from 49 in 2009 to 13 so far this year. >> last night was an unusual night for what we have experienced this year. >> that is little consolation for the families to have young men murdered sunday night police still cannot say whether shootings were commented and have no suspect descriptions leaving families stunned and grappling for answers. >> senseless killing is not going to pay anybody no good. >> police tell me it is still unclear whether any of these shootings were gang related of the three men who were hurt in these shootings two are in critical condition one is expected to live. >>> live in richmond, cbs 5. >>> richmond police officer crashed his car while taking a suspect to jail apparently because that suspect spat on him. the car overturned on eastbound highway 4 hercules before 11:00 a.m. this morning. highway patrol says the suspect spa
. tying run on third for robinson cano but bailey gets the homerun derby champ to ground out. the a's hang on 4-3 and end the 11-game losing streak against the yankees. >>> the yankees averaged over seven runs per game during the 11-game winning streak. but today, the a's held them to just three. they will have a chance to win the series tomorrow, with geo gonzalez on the mound. >>> the brewers are in town this weekend for a three-game series with the giants and it appears all is forgiven with the first baseman prince fielder. late in 2009, fielder angered the giants with his walk-off celebration where teammates went down like bowling pins when he hit the plate. then in last year's spring training, barry zito through to field ner retaliation. but -- fielder in retaliation. but everybody played nice at the all-star game last week and if the giants get back to the world series, they will have fielder to thank for home field advantage. >> 72 rbi's. at the all-star break. we didn't even score that many runs until june. >> drives one left center field. it is up and out to the wall and gone! and
landing road. earlier driving car drove off the road. northbound 101 and bailey. this is leaving morgan hill. chp is telling us it's out of lanes, jackknifed big rig. ace train about five minutes late. that is italian number 1. san mateo bridge, no issues, if you are traveling east and westbound from foster city to hayward. when you get up and at them this morning, go to for the latest. >>> caltrans will have to do major surgery on the san mateo bridge to repair a cracked feel beam that was put in place during a 1999 retrofit project. the proj bridge will have to be closed for two weekends next year to do the job. the steel beam has developed a ten-inch crack and crews have made a temporary fix to the crack. but a permanent repair will cost an estimated $12 million. engineers are trying to determine the exact date of the closure and we will keep you posted. >> crew of the space shuttle atlantis will pack up today in preparation for the departure of the international space station. a giant canister will be moved into the shuttle's cargo bay. it's filled with nearly 6,000 pou
godzilla in the seventh. cocoa crisp scores and matsui three for four and turns it over to bailey for the save and he strikes out cabrera to end it. how about the earthquakes going on tonight? the evening starts with a spa get tee eating contest. dash is a spaghetti eating contest. the magic wando in the second half. his second goal of the game to beat the former teammate. the 61st minute and he was forcing the issue and he was left alone for his second goal of the game. and this ends in a 2-2 draw. no shootout in the mls. san jose's fourth draw on the last five. tiger woods' world has turned upside down in the last 18 months. the latest? he fired his long-time caddie, williams. they worked together for a dozen years and during that time woods won 72 events including 13 majors. no word on who will take over working woods' bag or when tiger will actually be competing again. >> all of the jors he has won with -- all of the majors he has won with steve except one. >> major changes. >> yeah, that must have been tough. >> especially for steve williams. >> no kidding. >> "nightline" is
connected to the chauncey bailey murder case. darren has a similar lawsuit pending in federal court. they criticized longmeyer for his handling of the bailey case and being toolless to yusuf bey iv. frank summervail sat down with long higher. >>> he will stay with the department for an extended period. the interim police chief is expected to be announced in the next few days. >>> time now 5:18. sal is here to announce how the commute is just waking up on a friday morning. sal. >> yeah. we do have a couple of problems out there. let's go outside and take a look at some of the things here. westbound highway 4 you can see traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on traffic up to the willow pass grade. there are no major plans. also if you are on the bay bridge approach the traffic here looks pretty good. there are no major issues. if you are driving on to the bridge itself, it looks pretty good. the road work is not out there. so all the lanes are open. and if you are driving to the city 101 traffic looks good. this is a look at southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. there i
. this is northbound 101 at bailey. chp on the scene there. ace train off to a bit of delay, reporting 5-10 minutes late. southbound 101 past the sfk center, moving well into san rafael. golden gate bridge no delays coming into san francisco. beautiful morning. >>> it is. thanks a lot. 5:39. the phone hacking scandal cuts closer than ever to media mogul rupert murdoch. study on drivers have researchers doing a double take. next, grandma and grandpa versus mom and dad when kids are in the back seat. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. here's one story. my name is lacey calvert and i train professional athletes with yoga. i know how my body should feel. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish my day and finish out strong. then when i do try other things, i always find myself going back to advil. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me
northbound clear to the maze. southbound looking good towards hayward. north 101 at bailey in the south bay morgan hill, we have reports of a jackknifed big rig on the right shoulder for some time but chp shut down the right lane as they have the tow crews on scene to remove the big rig. so that's going to cause a snag for the commute northbound 101 at bailey right lane blocked. rest of the south bay problem- free. live look at conditions along 280. so far, so good. no delays along 101 through san jose. things are clear through there. 880/237, accident-free. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. >>> in the next half hour, we are talking a little bit more about traffic. l.a.'s carmageddon has come and gone. but this morning, the bridge closure right here in the bay area. we'll tell you all about that. plus casey anthony is now a free woman. the text message her mom received just hours after her daughter's release. >>> more information coming in from last night's fatal shooting that left two people dead and the third victim in the hospital. we are live in richmond with the details just a
. the second man is recovering from his injuries at a hospital. then 19-year-old rashard bailey died two miles away. police say bailey was shot to death at south 31st and center. they may have -- there may have been a second victim at that scene. the victim as not stepped forward. >> we have not had any indication that any of this would have happen. we have not had any shootings leading up to this. >> reporter: now there was another set of shootings in north richmond overnight and that one happened at that street called sloan in north richmond. we have very little information on that. one person did die in that particular shooting. according to lieutenant with the contra costa county sheriffs office a second victim who initially was reported to have died is not dead. still alive. investigators with the contra costa sheriffs office will be working together. >>> 6:34. right now we are learning more about a fatal bart police shooting that happened last night at san francisco's civic station. tara moriarty is talking to the authorities and about this continuing investigation. tara. >> reporter: we
the economy is going in the future. >> martin bailey served chairman of economic advisors under president clinton. >> if everybody is gloomy about the put, they don't take risks the economy is likely to remain on a slow growth or recession path. >> reporter: they found consumer confidence hitting a new low of the year a reflection of digs mal job growth. president obama cited high gasoline prices. >> it has enormous on family budgets. >> reporter: all in the mind of the average consumer leads economy tiosts differ over the roles national leaders can play in improving it. >> how much can the president of the united states affect american consumer confidence. >> a lot of presidents try to do in when they talk about how they are going invest in the country. but i think people are tired and they also understand that nothing ever good comes out of it. >> i think they argue franklin 50s voolt made the speech, the only thing to fear is fear itself. ronald reagan projected a lot of confidence. we had over 10% unemployment and the economy came back. there are people that can project that. >> repor
at this. we'll bring in chuck shumer of new york and kay bailey hutchison of texas. bob graham will tell us about his political playbook. penalty kicks. first, we go to bill karins with a check on the forecast. bill. >> good morning, i hope you had a wonderful weekend. if you are joining us from new england ar the mid-atlantic, high pressure is going up today. 91 in pitburg. 80-mile-per-hour winds, the storms are heading for chicago this morning. a heads up there. the heat continues through the middle of the country. you are watching "morning joe." ♪ ♪ hey, dad, you think i could drive? i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪ [ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime. [ male announcer ] jetta tdi clean diesel. the turbo that gets 42 miles per gallon. ♪ the turbo that gets 42 miles per gallon. ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent
by and kate bolduan is standing by, but right now i want to bring in senator kay bailey hutchison from texas. we are here with breaking news and you heard what senator reid had so say. earlier mitch mcconnell read a letter signed by republicans including you opposing senator reid's bill, and has anything changed your mind on the bill and listening to him moments ago? >> no, not at all. i think that the reason that he has pulled that down is that there are 43 committed against his proposal, however, what he is saying is that he hopes that we can start having a vote on something that is an agreement between both the white house and congress, both sides of the rotunda and he wants to not have a repudiation of his proposal and instead going on to one that might have a chance to pass. >> okay. okay. let's talk about this. today, "the new york times," senator, put you on a list of republicans most likely to approve a compromised bill and you have been vocal on the need to compromise and here is what you said on the senate floor thursday. >> the senate majority leader and the house speaker have put
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